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Hello Everyone, this is Damon Whitsell.

I am just now making this donate page. There will soon be a link to donate via pay-pal but for now if you wish to donate to help support my ministries and advocacy efforts, you may do so by sending a check or money order to..

Damon Whitsell, 105 Rosewood, Dayton Texas, 77535

Your donation will not be tax-deductible, and I am not going to go 5013c because I would have to sign a paper saying I will not talk about controversial issues to keep the tax-deductible status. And that would be like shooting myself in the foot. So any future donations will also not be tax-deductible.

I am incorporating and turning my ministry and advocacy work into a legitimate business so that I can be as effective as possible.

I wrote up an outline of my business plan and will soon be drafting up a rough draft of it, and I will then have it looked at by the legal service I am joining, to refine it and make it 100% legal in it’s language and specifics.

I will be doing business as…

The How2BecomeAChristian Apologetics Ministries and Advocacy Network

As soon as I get the business plan completed and lawyer approved I will be posting it for everyone to see. I will be showing bank statements listing all donations received, and along with receipts for expenditures, and will also be reporting exactly how all money is spent supporting my efforts.

The main reason I have now decided to take donations to support my work is because there is too much that needs to be done, for me to do it by myself as I have been doing since 1998. So my first step will be to hire someone to post at, and write for, my two current main sites ExposingCopWatchers.Com and ScrewYouFeelings.Com

I will first hire one “writer” to work full-time. Then ASAP I will hire one person to serve as an Office Manager, who will do many different duties until the ministry can afford to hire a third employee.

They will mostly be charged with finding good material online to post such as news events and other things pertaining to our Law Enforcement Officer’s, Race Relations and The Word of Faith Movement

That will free me up at one point to focus on managing everything, researching and writing articles to keep everyone informed about what the so-called “Cop-Watch groups” (such as Police The Police) are doing and how they are always lying on cops trying to get more people to hate cops, so they can get the police Abolished start an Anarchist Revelation, as I have heard them say on their sites.

That will be my main niche and main focus, researching into and refuting their BS claims against our police officers. So I will be hiring one person, and then eventually a second to help me do other duties that must be done.

I will be updating this short letter soon with more details, and a report of how things are progressing.

Thank you for your support and for sharing the post available here.

Damon Whitsell
105 Rosewood
Dayton, Tx

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WATCH: New Caucasian NYC Rapper Video says All NYC Cops are Racist White Brutes

“ALL COPS ARE PUPPETS” – If you’re offended by me using this meme in my post, please go get your Sarcasm-Detector re-calibrated, Thanks, Captain Howdy

It’s just too way easy to find a, screw all cops and screw all white people also stories to post on my sites advocating for the cops and looking into race relations in Amerikkka.

So a very woke, new on the scene white rapper, who is nothing but a copycat – he’s new on the scene so he burst all out with a F all the cops and a F all the white people too song and video.

In the lyrics and the video, they portray a cop that’s a little bit racist and a little bit brutal, and what race would you guess he is? Actually it shows a lot of racist white cops that like to beat on black guys for fun.

The very woke & “progressive” white rapper brings up the KKK. Which even the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center have both said, there are officially less than 10,000 KKK members in America today. And last week even, they held a KKK rally in Dayton Ohio, in Amerikka no less, and only 9 people showed up. Probably because they was too scared of all the 600+ protestors that showed up to oppose them.

And then the story told in the video goes on to slavery, Jim Crow and all that jive. And of course criminals can’t help but commit crime, because they are poor little poor people and y’all know poverty causes crime (I’m just being a little sarcastic just to keep my sanity of course).

I wonder why Dylann Roof don’t get a break for being poor? Wait a minute, was that monster poor? Really???

Devon Tracy, here, is a true liberal, not one of them far-left Progressive liberals of the day. He’s the only one on the left I know of speaking about this kind of stuff, so y’all might want to sub to his channel.

New Woke Whight NYC Rapper spits out Song and Video, says all NYC Police are Brutal Racist Whight Oinkers


Forensic Criminologist Ron Martinell says CITIZENS NEED MORE DE-ESCALATION TRAINING than Cops

POVERTY NO EXCUSE for Crime says Race and Social Problems Journal Study

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Tariq Nasheed trying to stoke a War Against Cops again after Baytown cop shooting killing a Black Woman

Here is Nasheed’s response to the recent cop shooting of a black woman in Baytown Texas who was said to be pregnant, unarmed and murdered but was neither pregnant, or unarmed or murdered. Look at Tariq’s tweet and tell me he is not trying to stoke a war against cops (race soldiers in his lingo). He, along with The Young Turks, has already incited Gavin Long to assassinate 3 cops in Baton Rouge about 3-4 years ago according to Long’s twitter account and Tweets were he retweets Nasheeds tweet and and uses the language from a TYT video almost verbatim. Please check out the 2 links above after reading his tweets here.

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Proportionality Shows Almost 100% of Police Contacts With Citizens DO NOT RESULT IN EXCESSIVE FORCE

Comparing the number of excessive force complaints with the number of times cops have contact with citizens per year the percentage is SO LOW that if you are forced to round off that number, 0.003 9%, you have to round off to 100% and say that almost 100% of officer contacts with citizens do not result in uses of excessive force.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Based on recent media attention one might wonder what’s with all the police violence. Are the police out of control? Are there any honest cops left?

As of 2012 there were 313,910,000 people living within the US. For that same year the FBI said there were just over 670,000 sworn peace officers. This equates to being less 2 1/2 peace officers for every 1000 people. So our peace officers represent less than a quarter percent of the population and in the performance of their duties will come into contact with about seventeen percent of the population, and then subsequently arrest less than four percent of the population, and that’s assuming that no single person was arrested more than once that given year.

Excessive force complaints can come from anyone. Let’s actually focus in on the scope of officer contacts. So in a year’s time 670,000 cops had contact with over 53,000,000 citizens. These contacts could be anything from being pulled over, issued a citation, given a warning, interviewed as a witness, requesting a service, involved in a collision, reporting a crime witnessed., victim of a crime, disabled motorist, consensual encounter or even being arrested.

Of all those millions of contacts the Bureau of Justice Statistics last identified that 26,000 complaints were made due to excessive force, this is not quite half of 0.1 percent of all police contacts. Of those complaints only 8% were sustained having any form of merit or evidence. That’s 2080 sustained complaints, or 0.003 9%, of all law enforcement contacts.

To put things in perspective in the same time frame eighty four thousand three hundred and seventy six people in the u.s. reported being forcibly raped. Thirty thousand eight hundred were killed in traffic collisions and fourteen thousand eight hundred and twenty seven were murdered. So in regards to true excessive force by the police you are seven times more likely to be murdered, fifteen times more likely to be killed in the burning wreck that used to be your car and forty two times more likely to be raped, but probably not by a cop.

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Black People are more racist than Whites: 2.4 times more likely to commit Hate Crimes

According the the FBI Black People are almost 2.5 times more likely to commit a Hate Crime. In 2015 White people committed 48.4% of Hate Crimes while being 63% of the population. Black People committed 24.3% of Hate Crime despite only being 13% of the population. I am not a mathematician but I think that figures out to Black People being 2.433 times more likely to commit a Hate Crime. Does this mean Black People are 2.4 times as racist as White People?

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FBI Report Shows That Cop-Killers Are Inspired By Black Lives Matter, Politicians, And The Media

The Washington Examiner: An internal FBI investigation into the spike of attacks on law enforcement has determined that revenge, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, the media’s assault on police shootings, and criticism from politicians, is the what motivates a “majority” of those targeting cops.

“Law enforcement officials believe that defiance and hostility displayed by assailants toward law enforcement appears to be the new norm,” said the internal report stamped “For Official Use Only.”

Portraits of the five murdered Dallas police officers sit in front of city hall in 2016. TONY GUTIERREZ/AP

Just Tuesday, the start of National Police Week, two Chicago police were wounded in “targeted” shootings, the latest in the escalation of attacks on the badge.

The four-page report provided to Secrets said that an anti-police wave following the 2014 police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., is what drove most of those accused of killing law enforcement officers in 2016. In 53 shootings, 60 police were killed last year.

The report studied 50 of 64 killings of police in 2016 and found 14 simply wanted to kill police.

“The assailants inspired by social and/or political reasons believed that attacking police officers was their way to ‘get justice’ for those who had been, in their view, unjustly killed by law enforcement,” said the report. In two horrific assassinations of police, the report said that “the assailants said they were influenced by the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Another reason for killing police, according to the FBI, was a “desire to remain free.”

The report said that in some 40 percent of the attacks on police, the assailants ran then turned and shot at oncoming police.

And in many of the shootings, drugs were involved.

The result has been a “chill wind” on law enforcement, and a somewhat understandable pull back by cops in dangerous situations, since even top officials, including former President Obama, have been critical.

“Nearly every police official interviewed agreed that for the first time, law enforcement not only felt that their national political leaders publicly stood against them, but also that the politicians’ words and actions signified that disrespect to law enforcement was acceptable in the aftermath of the Brown shooting,” said the FBI.

“Police officials across the country agreed that while the majority of Americans still support law enforcement, this change in social mores allows assailants to become more emboldened to question, resist, and fight law enforcement,” it added.

Enter the media, and the FBI said that killers feel justified.

“Due to the coverage of the high-profile police incidents, it appears that immediately following the incidents, assailants were constantly exposed to a singular narrative by news organizations and social media of police misconduct and wrong-doing. In many cases, this singular narrative came from the subject’s friends and family, and witnesses to the incident who often knew the subject, long before law enforcement provided their findings to the public. Without law enforcement and elected officials providing an alternative narrative, assailants developed a distrust of law enforcement, and felt emboldened and justified in using violence against police,” said the agency report.

“Defiance appears to be the rule,” it concluded.


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2017 Gallup Poll: Americans Trust in Police Officers at 50 Year High

A Gallup Poll shows respect for cops at a near all time high after 5 cops assassinated in Dallas and 3 cops assassinated in Baton Rouge.

by Justin McCarthy

Story Highlights

  • 76% say they have “a great deal” of respect for the police in their area
  • Respect for law enforcement up since 2015 among whites and nonwhites
  • Majorities in major party, age groups report having respect for police

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Three in four Americans (76%) say they have “a great deal” of respect for the police in their area, up 12 percentage points from last year.

Americans' Respect for Police in Their Areas, 1965-2016

In addition to the large majority of Americans expressing “a great deal” of respect for their local police, 17% say they have “some” respect while 7% say they have “hardly any.”

Gallup has asked this question nine times since 1965. The percentage who say they respect the police is significantly higher now than in any measurement taken since the 1990s and is just one point below the high of 77% recorded in 1967. Solid majorities of Americans have said they respect their local law enforcement in all polls conducted since 1965.
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