Black People Cannot Be Racist REDUCED TO ABSURDITY


(Reduction to Absurdity = A mode of argumentation or a form of argument in which a       proposition is disproven by following its implications logically to an absurd conclusion.)

Historically there has not been an ounce of difference between racial prejudice and racism. But now racism has been redefined as racial prejudice plus power. Racist have always been around and everyone has always known what racism is before Marxist SJW’s found out that sociologist had redefined the term to coincide with Critical Race Theory. The definition of racism espoused today is actually nothing more than reverse racism and the black privilege of being racist towards another race and not being held as morally evil for doing it. But make no mistake about it, racism is morally evil no matter whose heart it resides in.

Here is how stupid the argument is. According to how some have defined racism, a Mexican guy can hate all black people, think they are genetically inferior and closely related to apes so therefore they are good for nothing but to serve as slaves to non-blacks. But that Mexican would not be racist because he is not white and does not have power. And then when you apply that same bastardized mis-definition to black majority countries in North Africa, it says whites can do whatever they want and they cannot be racist, but blacks are all racist there because they have the structural power, and they are racist by virtue of being black


Look at the tweet. By throwing power into the definition equation a rapist can say a white girl can be raped by a minority and it is not really rape because minorities do not have institutional power. So if your mamma got raped in the US it would only be rape if a white man done it. And applying this evil bastardized power plus definition further to rape in a reduction to absurdity fashion, if you lived in a black majority nation your daughter could get raped and it would only really be rape if a black man did it. So a white man there could rape your child and not get punished and ostracized from society for the evil deed because someone redefined rape. That is totally absurd, insane and uber-evil.

WHITE PEOPLE, Redefinition of terms is a form of mind control, let your mind be not controlled and who cares if you get called a racist. Don’t be manipulated into silence. We must expose and fight against this bastardized re-definition of Racism. It is a definition that comes from Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory.

Critical Theory is a Marxist social theory oriented toward critiquing and changing society as a whole. Critical Race Theory is a theoretical framework in the social sciences focused upon the application of Critical Theory, a critical examination of society and culture, to the intersection of race, law, and power. Critical Race Theory’s narrative, ideology, and vocabulary has long been disseminated in Universities has been a source of many socials ills for decades. Critical Race Theory holds that the United States is a fundamentally white supremacist nation. Critical Race Theory also holds that the civil rights movement was a sham and that white supremacy is the social order and it must be overthrown. “Systemic oppression,” “institutional racism,” and “white privilege” have become common propaganda tools to stir up racial tensions to divide and change American Culture from within as part of a subversive effort to slowly introduce a Marxist/Communist Utopian System.

Black Lives Matter is one just one expression of Critical Race Theory in action. And it’s past time we get educated, fight the false Black Lives and race relations narratives (a major part of Critical Race Theory) and we must force a real conversation on Race and Racism in America. This blog will do it’s part in fighting that fight and Critical Race Theory will be one of the things this blog will expose. So why not subscribe in the side-bar to get Post By E-mail. I will be focusing all my efforts here for years to come. – Damon Whitsell


About Damon Whitsell

In the last 18 years I have spent much of my time studying and doing Christian Cult Apologetics, and I spent 5 years studying, exposing and fighting Islam all @ Since the five Dallas Police Officers were assassinated I have been fighting Black Lives Matter and studying it's related issues. It will be my passion and goal for years to come to fight and stop the Black Lives Matter Movement.
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