12 Privileges That Black People Enjoy


Let’s talk about black privileged since white privileged is talked about so often. Here are some of the privileges that being black will afford you in America.

1. If you’re black you get to redefine racism so that another race is inherently racist and you can be racially prejudiced in your attitudes and actions and not be held as morally evil for being racist, when you’re really racist and evil.

2.  If you’re black you can have a whole government agency (HUD) designed to benefit mostly you because being black you are more likely to dwell in urban areas rather than the suburbs or small town America.

3. If you’re  black you can have the US GOV through Fanni and Fredi May force the entire banking industry to guarantee that home loans must be given to higher risk/default customers which benefits more blacks than non-blacks per capita.

4. Being black you can get a job or get into college with lower qualifications, such as education levels, experience and test scores.

5.  If you’re black you can have a population of welfare dependents higher than any other race adjusted to population size, and no one complains or talks about it.

6. If you’re black you do not have to worry much about being charged with hate crimes when you commit crimes based on race. But if you’re white you better watch out.

7. If you’re black you can start an all-black group, organization or advocacy initiatives to promote black interest. But whites cannot make a White Entertainment TV station or any other all-white groups.

8. If you’re black you can go to college and take “Black Studies” classes that depict your race positively and as an oppressed minority that should get special accommodations. But “White studies” classes depict whites negatively as oppressors.

9. If you’re black you can be proud to be black and even shout Black Power in public. But if you’re white and say you’re proud to be white you will be seen as a racist.

10. If you’re black you do not have to have black guilt and be told your race is responsible for most evils in the world. But if you’re white, you’re supposed to be ashamed of it.

11. If you’re black you can rob someone, assault someone or kill someone and the media will be reluctant to say you’re black. But if a white man kills someone his race is in the headlines most of the time.

12. And if you’re black you can run for President and a lot of people of all races will vote for you just because you’re black.

The GOV has been willing to send our whole economy into a mini-great-depression to make things easier for blacks. But some black people still complain and cry institutional racism when some of the institutes actually benefit blacks disproportionately.

Many blacks would not be happy even if they got financial reparations paid for by a white-person-tax.


About Captain Howdy

"Since the 5 Dallas Police Officers and the 3 Baton Rouge Cops were assassinated I have been fighting the false Black Lives Matter Narrative and studying it's related issues. It will be my passion and goal for years to come to fight and stop the Black Lives Matter Movement Agenda and False Narrative. It simply is NOT TRUE that Black Lives DO NOT MATTER to a large portion of Americans, and it is also not true that cops are hunting black guys and it is not true that America is a racist White Supremacist country. And despite what the Anarchist say the good old USofA is not a "police state" because constitutional small government conservatives have up to this point some-what successfully resisted the "BIGGER GOVERNMENT is BETTER GOVERNMENT" of the "Progressive Left - Neo-Liberals". If you insist on saying we live in a police state then I suggest you go to Iran or North Korea and go around talking about how Iran and North Korea are police states and see how that works out for you" - Captain Howdy
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