The Real Truth About The Terrence Crutcher shooting by Oklahoma Police Officer Betty Shelby

One of my top 3 Youtubers, TreeOfLife, is a black female who used to be a Cop. She gives an excellent analysis of the Terrence Crutcher shooting. She shows the video footage and then goes back and looks at it piece by piece while she gives the perspective of a cop. Her first video was before the toxicology report came out. She believed the shooting was justified then and said it was likely Crutch was on hard drugs. The second two videos were done after it was published that Crutcher was on PCP and TCP. Tree breakdown all the lies that were told about the case and then she shows video of the female Chicago police officer who was severely beaten by a suspect on PCP even though there was 5 officers helping her. The 3 videos together are over 2 hours but they are the best material I have seen on this justified officer shooting.




About Captain Howdy

"Since the 5 Dallas Police Officers and the 3 Baton Rouge Cops were assassinated I have been fighting the false Black Lives Matter Narrative and studying it's related issues. It will be my passion and goal for years to come to fight and stop the Black Lives Matter Movement Agenda and False Narrative. It simply is NOT TRUE that Black Lives DO NOT MATTER to a large portion of Americans, and it is also not true that cops are hunting black guys and it is not true that America is a racist White Supremacist country. And despite what the Anarchist say the good old USofA is not a "police state" because constitutional small government conservatives have up to this point some-what successfully resisted the "BIGGER GOVERNMENT is BETTER GOVERNMENT" of the "Progressive Left - Neo-Liberals". If you insist on saying we live in a police state then I suggest you go to Iran or North Korea and go around talking about how Iran and North Korea are police states and see how that works out for you" - Captain Howdy
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