Race Hustler Tariq Nasheed has Cop Blood on his hands – Cop Killer Gavin Long was a Follower

Race-Baiter and Race-Hustler Tariq Nasheed has Dead Cop Blood on his hands. Gavin Long, who set-up, ambushed and assassinated the 3 Baton Rouge Cops just days after 5 cops were assassinated in Dallas, was a follower of Nasheed on Twitter and was retweeting Nasheeds Tweets and was tagging Nasheed on Twitter in the days before he killed those 3 officers in Baton Rouge. You can verify this at Gavin Longs Twitter account here. https://twitter.com/convoswithcosmo

Here is a screenshot of Longs Twitter feed.

And this shows that Gavin Long was following Nasheed on Twitter. Notice Long was also following another “pro-black” race hustler Dr. Umar Johnson.

Here is a Tweet from Long about the Dallas Cops assassination. Please notice 2 things about this screenshot. 1. Long tagged Nasheed in this Tweet and 2. Notice the tweet above Long’s tweet that Long retweeted.

gavin-long-3And here are some of Tariq Nasheed’s Tweets that  Gavin Long retweeted.

It is clear from Gavin Long’s Twitter account that he was influenced by Tariq Nasheed’s rhetoric that there is a race war against blacks going on in America, that America is a white supremacist country and racist white cops are hunting innocent black men. All this is untrue but that will not stop race-hustlers like Nasheed from speading lies like these. This false rhetoric has gotten police officers killed and will continue to do so.  Tariq Nasheed has the blood of these 3 cops on his hands and he should be ashamed and even held accountable.


About Captain Howdy

"Since the 5 Dallas Police Officers and the 3 Baton Rouge Cops were assassinated I have been fighting the false Black Lives Matter Narrative and studying it's related issues. It will be my passion and goal for years to come to fight and stop the Black Lives Matter Movement Agenda and False Narrative. It simply is NOT TRUE that Black Lives DO NOT MATTER to a large portion of Americans, and it is also not true that cops are hunting black guys and it is not true that America is a racist White Supremacist country. And despite what the Anarchist say the good old USofA is not a "police state" because constitutional small government conservatives have up to this point some-what successfully resisted the "BIGGER GOVERNMENT is BETTER GOVERNMENT" of the "Progressive Left - Neo-Liberals". If you insist on saying we live in a police state then I suggest you go to Iran or North Korea and go around talking about how Iran and North Korea are police states and see how that works out for you" - Captain Howdy
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