Donate To The How2BecomeAChristian Apologetics and Advocacy Network HERE

Hello Everyone, this is Damon Whitsell.

I am just now making this donate page. There will soon be a link to donate via pay-pal but for now if you wish to donate to help support my ministries and advocacy efforts, you may do so by sending a check or money order to..

Damon Whitsell, 105 Rosewood, Dayton Texas, 77535

Your donation will not be tax-deductible, and I am not going to go 5013c because I would have to sign a paper saying I will not talk about controversial issues to keep the tax-deductible status. And that would be like shooting myself in the foot. So any future donations will also not be tax-deductible.

I am incorporating and turning my ministry and advocacy work into a legitimate business so that I can be as effective as possible.

I wrote up an outline of my business plan and will soon be drafting up a rough draft of it, and I will then have it looked at by the legal service I am joining, to refine it and make it 100% legal in it’s language and specifics.

I will be doing business as…

The How2BecomeAChristian Apologetics Ministries and Advocacy Network

As soon as I get the business plan completed and lawyer approved I will be posting it for everyone to see. I will be showing bank statements listing all donations received, and along with receipts for expenditures, and will also be reporting exactly how all money is spent supporting my efforts.

The main reason I have now decided to take donations to support my work is because there is too much that needs to be done, for me to do it by myself as I have been doing since 1998. So my first step will be to hire someone to post at, and write for, my two current main sites ExposingCopWatchers.Com and ScrewYouFeelings.Com

I will first hire one “writer” to work full-time. Then ASAP I will hire one person to serve as an Office Manager, who will do many different duties until the ministry can afford to hire a third employee.

They will mostly be charged with finding good material online to post such as news events and other things pertaining to our Law Enforcement Officer’s, Race Relations and The Word of Faith Movement

That will free me up at one point to focus on managing everything, researching and writing articles to keep everyone informed about what the so-called “Cop-Watch groups” (such as Police The Police) are doing and how they are always lying on cops trying to get more people to hate cops, so they can get the police Abolished start an Anarchist Revelation, as I have heard them say on their sites.

That will be my main niche and main focus, researching into and refuting their BS claims against our police officers. So I will be hiring one person, and then eventually a second to help me do other duties that must be done.

I will be updating this short letter soon with more details, and a report of how things are progressing.

Thank you for your support and for sharing the post available here.

Damon Whitsell
105 Rosewood
Dayton, Tx


About Captain Howdy

"Since the 5 Dallas Police Officers and the 3 Baton Rouge Cops were assassinated I have been fighting the false Black Lives Matter Narrative and studying it's related issues. It will be my passion and goal for years to come to fight and stop the Black Lives Matter Movement Agenda and False Narrative. It simply is NOT TRUE that Black Lives DO NOT MATTER to a large portion of Americans, and it is also not true that cops are hunting black guys and it is not true that America is a racist White Supremacist country. And despite what the Anarchist say the good old USofA is not a "police state" because constitutional small government conservatives have up to this point some-what successfully resisted the "BIGGER GOVERNMENT is BETTER GOVERNMENT" of the "Progressive Left - Neo-Liberals". If you insist on saying we live in a police state then I suggest you go to Iran or North Korea and go around talking about how Iran and North Korea are police states and see how that works out for you" - Captain Howdy
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